Gregory Blake for City Council PSL District 3


I have lived in this community for the better part of 20 years. I serve as a health care professional in emergency care where I have shared in families’ triumphs and tragedies. It is these experiences that made me realize that our city has not reached its full potential and we deserve better. We are number one in taxes, while we are in the bottom for jobs to population statewide. it is the inherent responsibility of elected officials to ensure a responsible budget and tax burden. I do not believe that has happened. This has affected education, safety and health while also reducing disposable income which our local businesses need to survive. Passing the “buck” and blaming the county solves nothing. If all the cities and all the other 66 counties can have lower taxes, then so can we. In the past we have subsidized large corporations with incredible amounts of money for little to show for it. Leaders have touted how the city has not been broken by these failed ventures. Well, they have not seen families struggling because of these burdens like I have. It is time to reinvest in our families and small businesses via real tax cuts and conservative spending. Make Port St. Lucie a place where people can live AND work.

Together, we can do better.

On the Issues

Gregory Blake City Council PSL District 3


  • If elected, I will push for generous tax cuts for all families and incentives for first responders and essential personnel that work in our community. These tax cuts and incentives will pay dividends of more jobs and better-quality workers.
  • While the recent reduction in the city millage rate and over the last few years represents progress, an increase in the total budget of over 14% shows that there’s room for an even bigger reduction. A complete systemic review, department by department, would increase efficiency much like what the healthcare community has had to do during this recent pandemic; we were able to cut costs and not people.
  • Everyone should feel safe in their community and the men and women of our police department are doing an outstanding job. I 100% support the proposed increase of 12 officers recently passed. If elected, I would support initiatives that could further improve public safety and that of our officers.
  • Having a more transparent local government would give the ability for citizens to become more involved and be more knowledgeable of the challenges faced by the city council. Having a bi-monthly, online “checkbook” of the city’s expenses visible to the community would keep the government accountable for fund allocation.